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  • 22 Home Annivesary Spreadsheeet Dates 

  • 22 Home Anniversary Cards

  • 21 Snagit added

  • 20 Scanner Pro is available

  • Buyer's Showings Form.  Details form and comments

  • 07 Pre-Buyer's Interview Form - can now be downloaded.

  • 09 Display iPad on Computer - video is now available

Why You Should Subscribe!

  • Never miss Realty App updates

  • Knowledge of having the latest software

  • What you can do with that software

  • Have notes on every showing

  • Have notes on all listing appointments

  • Share transactions with a team or partner

  • New Tips and Tricks.

  • Get regular updates on new apps and upgrades with advice on their usage.

  • Save Time and your Hard Earned Commissions

  • Keep every transaction in front of you

  • Write notes on Listings during showings

  • Download Listings PDF's for showings

  • Do Presentations with 2 screens. You do presentation on iPad and clients viewing on laptop at the table

You get all the above which is Thousands of Dollars in technology

plus future technology updates all for a regular price of $29.95 Per Year!

That is only $2.50 per month paid annually. That's less than a coffee at Starbucks

The video below is a FREE Sample of TRELLO.  It is amazing

iRealtyTek takes you from "Meeting a Prospect" to "Closing the Deal"

The iPad is necessary.  It doesn't matter which iPad you use.  If you are buying a new one go to an Apple Store, Best Buy, Office Depot or whatever office supply company you use.  Simply handle them all and see which one feels right to you.

Only 1 App needs to be purchased for your iPad - "PDF Expert" - It is by far the most useful app you will ever own.


Below are titles of some of the instructional videos in RealtyTek library

The latest updates are always at the top .

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